Aloe Community Garden

How it works

Thousands of people are taking care of our virtual garden and sending flowers to friends every day. Will you help us grow?

Step 1: Join the community

Follow us on Twitter

Step 2: Contribute to the garden

Tweet any below resource to @aloebud to help our garden grow.

Resources Key

= water

= sunshine

= tending

= encouragement

= compliment

= summon bee

Garden Guide

What grows in the garden?

We currently have 3 types of flowers, sunflower, violet, rose and an aloe plant.

How many resources does it take to grow new things?

Good question! Take a look at our emoji guide below.


Needs the same amount of tending as encouragement.


Loves sunshine more than any other resource.


Needs lots of hydration and a little bit of encouragement.


Requires some tending and encouragement, thirsty too.

Garden Visitors



The bee visits the garden after the emoji has been received 50 times.

Send a virtual pixel flower to a friend