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Self-care is taking steps to maintain emotional, mental and physical health.

At Aloe, we build tools to help you grow. From apps to bots, we're focused on encouraging positive habits and helping you remember to take better care of yourself.

Amber Discko

Role: Founder

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Tiffanie Woods

Role: Social Media Manager

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Ngan Hoang

Role: UI/UX Designer

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David Stribling

Role: Garden Pixel Artist

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Stefan Hayden

Role: Twitter Garden Bot Developer

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Stef Pause

Role: Code Assistant

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Founded by Amber Discko in early 2017 and inspired by their own poor self-care habits, Amber built a "check-in" tool to help them remember and stay accountable. Using Kickstarter, Amber crowdfunded their app to life. It is set to be released early 2018, and TBD released on Android. Aloe is powered by an all volunteer team of buds, with "headquarters" aka Amber's apartment in Brooklyn, NY.